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Written by Terra Cabinda   
Thursday, 01 October 2015 21:24

Freedom for Marcos Mavungo


Accustomed to the atrocities of the regime of Angola that occupies the territory of Cabinda and subdues the Cabindans, the people of Cabinda resented one more of the vile blows they have been enduring from the MPLA regime, which suffocates them since the occupation of the territory on 2nd -3rd of November 1974 at the impotence of the Portuguese colonial regime - guardian of the Treaty of Simulambuco signed between Cabindans and the Portuguese, which consists essentially in protecting the territory of Cabinda from foreign covetousness.

Therefore, the treaty had at the core the maintenance of the integrity and inviolability of the territory of Cabinda, and ensuring the security of the people of Cabinda; in counterpart it ensured the establishment of Portugal in the territory, in peaceful cohabitation with Cabindans, that Portugal violated on 15th of January 1975 delivering Cabinda as an annex to Angola, which is now the mire and ordeal of the people of Cabinda.

On 14th of September, another son of Cabinda, José Marcos Mavungo was brought before the court of (in) justice of the Angolan regime of José Eduardo dos Santos in Cabinda; humiliated, feeble and undignified just to please the dignitaries of Cabinda occupation regime. José Marcos Mavungo, civic activist, was sentenced to six years in prison in an authentic theatrical staging from which only the MPLA regime can amuse.

It should be stressed that these practices are repetitive in Cabinda on the wishes of the Angolan regime, so it is important to recall the arbitrary arrests of Cabinda activists carried out in 2010, and many others in similar conditions, without proven guilt, just to please the regime; intimidate and silence the Cabindans aiming, in vain, to seal off the submission of the martyred people of Cabinda.

The interpellation of the European Union to the Government of Angola to reassess the conviction of Jose Marcos Mavungo for unproven crime of rebellion that exists only in the imagination of MPLA regime is opportune and above all demonstrates clearly the need for the international community to assume its role in finding a definitive solution to the issue of Cabinda.

It cannot continue mending something broken that destroys a nation, when the construction of the new is fair and of right for this nation, and above all dignifying for Humanity. It is imperative to put an end to what underlies the vicissitudes that dictated the presence of MPLA and its regime in Cabinda, and contemplate the need of hearing the will of the people of Cabinda similar to what was done with other peoples (East Timor, Kosovo and South Sudan recently).

In this, Portugal has an important role to play within the European Union and in the United Nations to bring to light the right of the people of Cabinda to voice freely and decide their future by promoting the democratic process for self-determination of Cabinda. This would be an honest and fair contribution of Portugal in repairing the suffering of Cabindans of which is morally responsible. Only this would help definitively to put an end to atrocities, humiliation and subjugation that Cabindans are victim from the Angolan regime of MPLA.

The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda calls on the international community to put pressure on the MPLA regime for the unconditional release of José Marcos Mavungo, Cabinda civic activist, victim of the Angolan injustice. And, ask for the solidarity of the free peoples of the world to reflect on the fate of Cabindan Nation aimed at its self-determination and emancipation.





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