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Cabinda Again at the Cross Road of the Angolan Regime of MPLA PDF Print E-mail
Written by Terra Cabinda   
Monday, 21 March 2016 00:46

Cabinda Again at the Cross Road of the Angolan Regime of MPLA

Once again, Angolan armed and security forces have been concentrating their military power in the North of Cabinda, illegally occupied, in the well-known aggressive and spectacular style, peculiar for a regime that claims to be in control of the territory of Cabinda with peace, and a regional peace maker, which embraces democracy.

According to well-informed sources, the regime of MPLA, ruling party in Angola since the independence in 1975, is set to cause another havoc in the region of Central Africa in pursuit of three aspects, supposedly, to ensure the survival of the regime face to the fast degrading Angolan economic prospect and the political uncertainty in neighbouring countries of Cabinda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa) and Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), as follow:

- Firstly, to silent, strike, subdue and to conclude the wave of assassinations of rising voices of discontent and rejection of Angolan occupation and annexation of Cabinda, and in the pursuit of Cabinda Freedom Fighters though Angolan officials have made public declarations about the inexistence of any kind of resistance or war in the territory of Cabinda.

In fact, the regime of MPLA is set to carry a series of renditions designed to quell Cabindan resistance and dissidents both inside the territory and abroad – namely the two neighbouring countries of Cabinda: Congo Brazzaville and Congo Kinshasa where in unveiled manner the regime of MPLA has been carrying political assassinations against long established Cabindan refugees, since the Portuguese colonial resistance of Cabinda, and also refugees resulting of the exodus and successive waves of Cabindan refugees created by the brutality of MPLA and its regime since the occupation and annexation of Cabinda.

- Secondly, to remind the regimes they helped in power in both Congo (Brazzaville and Kinshasa) and the people of these countries who resist their controlling role that the Angolan regime of MPLA is still the master of the situation and at any time can strike again if any attempt to resist or get rid of their control is perceived.

- Thirdly, the MPLA regime with this move aim to create the conditions for an havoc in the region of Central Africa and thus bring on board and under their control all Angolan people by exploiting a supposed patriotic feeling to divert the attention of Angolan people from the dire conditions they live which are worsening and becoming unbearable since the fall of ‘oil price’, though during the oil boom the ordinary citizens did not benefit of that.

The situation is of great concern not only for the people of Cabinda but also for the international community due to its magnitude. Therefore, the international community has the moral duty to act and prevent this kind of behaviour, and take the aggravations of the Angolan regime of MPLA seriously. People are entitled to the right to think, speak and dispose of themselves and should not be left at mercy of a regime that supresses them mercilessly.  It is time to stop, in Africa, the reminiscent of colonialism and of communism – called MPLA regime, in Angola, for the respite of Cabindan people and all other people who are victims of that regime.

As for Cabindan people, wherever your location, it is important to ponder on the suffering of our people and refrain of all irrelevant declarations or promises and futile controversies, because it harms not only the Cabindan people and their cause, but also makes those who embrace such practices increasingly irrelevant for any good either for Cabinda or for the international community, because they hinder the concentration of Cabindan forces and the highly needed involvement of the international community for a peaceful solution of the issue of Cabinda. This, at a time that Angola faces difficulties to establish itself in line with international norms and pushes itself into isolation in the international arena due to its cunning tactics and cruelty not only towards the people of Cabinda, but also to neighbouring people of Cabinda, as well as to other African people, and so to its own people in Angola.

Cabindan people are afflicted but not in despair and look at the free world and ask if this world can really be free for all including Cabinda or some are condemned to endure the foreign yoke, as in its case from Angola?

The search for an answer to this question and others of interest in building a national consensus to advance the prospect of an everlasting solution to devolve the right of self-determination to the Cabindan people should be what drives each Cabindan in their approach to international institutions, media and renowned and reputable personalities as a mission towards finding help and attract the international community to appease the yoke of the people of Cabinda, and not useless, contradicting and inflammatory declarations, supplications and promises that can only pave, aware or unaware, the way for the regime of MPLA to justify what is unjustifiable, while it goes on to inflict more suffering to the people of Cabinda with impunity.

Long Live Cabinda


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