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Cabinda, after Angolan’s 2012 elections PDF Print E-mail
Written by Terra Cabinda   
Friday, 16 November 2012 20:51

Cabinda, after Angolan’s 2012 elections


The Government of MPLA emerged from the elections of 2012 attempts to confuse the Angolan and international opinion that the problem of Cabinda is solved, belong to the past, while it propagandize his forged victory at the polls in Cabinda on a people taken hostage in their own territory.

Just to recall that Cabindan struggle is for self-determination and not for a change of political regime in Angola. The Cabindan Political Manifesto back in years 50s and recognized in the years 60s is well before the beginning of the liberation struggle in Angola against Portuguese colonialism and the existence of Angola as independent state. It is to emphasise that there has never been any factual or legal union freely negotiated or escrow, between Cabindans and Angolans.

The OAU (now African Union) agreed and approved with the backing of the United Nations the 'Map for total decolonization of Africa', in which Cabinda is ranked 39th State and Angola 35th State, both entitled to independence separately. This is documented and known to all (Cabinda, Angola and the International Community). It is regrettable that the war policy practised by Angola in the Congo Basin and elsewhere in the African continent is intimidating the African Union, the United Nations and even recognized and respected voices of defenders of Human and Peoples’ Rights on the plight of the people of Cabinda.

The Cabindan issue is not just Angolan domestic matter. It involves an international dimension and therefore its solution requires the involvement of the international community.

During the Angolan elections of 2012, the MPLA, as always, coerced employees of the public sector and the oil sector to participate in the Angolan elections under threats of losing their jobs if they do not obey. But, again, the political maturity of the people of Cabinda has not allowed the distortion of the principles that guide the CABINDAN CAUSE and responded with a massive resistance to Angolan attempts.

"To Note that many respected Angolan intellectuals and civic activists have expressed their discontent on the way the MPLA government deals with the issue of Cabinda."

‘For the MPLA, neutralizing Cabindan armed resistance and setting up a suffocating political, economical and social atmosphere in the territory of Cabinda has always been, is, and will continue to be the preferred option for resolving the issue of Cabinda’.

Thus, the people of Cabinda do not believe that the MPLA government emerged from the elections of 2012 will be different from previous governments, because they are the same people with the same language, the same methods of action, the same attitudes and the same behaviour that always distance them from the essential that can lead to the solution of the problem of Cabinda.

The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda believe in a possible political solution that dignifies the people of Cabinda, Angola and the International Community itself because there is no conflict created by military reasons so that they accept a military solution as the end of it. Conflicts have always been the result of misdirected and mismanaged policies; it is also from this point of view that the conflict of Cabinda is confined.

Although Angola proclaims itself victorious in military camp and the international community does not react in time by own calculations, the truth is that the Government of Angola, which sees itself as a winner must understand that victory imposes additional responsibilities, among them, to deal with the effects caused by the conflict, and this implies the solution of the political causes of the conflict.

In this, the Cabindans will prove the consistency of the International Community that should make every effort to question the Government of Angola because there are serious issues in the territory of Cabinda, in terms of human rights violations, political and associative rights, deprivation of liberties of individuals, of expression and of motion, as well as issues related to social pluralism: the peaceful coexistence and recognition and acceptance of the people in accordance to their identities, that the Cabindans are deprived within Angola; These values are universally upheld by the international community and hopefully also be defended in Cabinda.


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