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Written by Terra Cabinda   
Tuesday, 31 December 2013 03:17



2013 is getting to its end and starts a new year 2014. Many events were recorded in the ending year, which requires reflection from Cabindans, on the suffering of our People. The repressive machinery of the MPLA turned Cabinda into besieged territory where everyone is afraid to talk to others by mistrust due to the wave of betrayals sustained with petrodollars, which changes nothing the status of dominated and subdued of the protagonists of these betrayals.


The People of Cabinda believe and hope for a peaceful solution that favours dialogue without impositions and manipulations, and reaffirm that the silence imposed at gun point does not mean acceptance of Angolan domination and neo-colonialism on Cabindans. The proof is in the fact that all Cabindans who do not adhere to manipulation, corruption and betrayal promoted by the MPLA regime is considered dangerous individual and adverse to the intents of Luanda and as such listed to death, prison, torture, persecution or life watched over and overwhelmed by the secret services and repressive forces of the MPLA regime.


While Angolans celebrate the festive season in peace, the Cabindans remain subdued and go through the worst imaginable repression from the MPLA government which fought with arms in hand against such practices perpetrated by the Portuguese colonialists against the Angolan people. It is important to emphasized that Angolan intellectuals and Angolan civil society should suit the level of their responsibility and humanism, and echo their voices to condemn and promote alternatives to war and repression summarized in persecutions, arbitrary arrests, tortures, murders, Summary executions, humiliation and all deplorable practices that the people of Cabinda are subject inside and outside the territory of Cabinda perpetrated by the MPLA regime in the name of Angolans.


Dear brothers and Cabindan compatriots,


The year 2014 will be the year to revive confidence first among Cabindans uncommitted with the MPLA regime who continue to resist within Cabinda and in the Diaspora together to promote with all Cabindans the understanding that drives the continued search for a dignified solution to the issue of Cabinda. Silence is the worst way to be in the fight for search of dignified solutions with a neo-colonialist who spares no efforts nor ponders risks of damaging his own image in the regional and international context when it comes to suppress and to silence the just claims of Cabindan People.


Yes, the new generation has been betrayed by some individuals who were claiming to be representatives of Cabindan cause; however, this is not reason to accept the unacceptable. We must and we can criticize failures and mistakes made by different individuals and leaders of Cabindan Revolution, on condition that let us not forget to question yourself about the personal contribution you make towards the liberation of Cabindan Nation.Criticizing the faults of others is good and easy to do, but engaging and proposing alternatives is better and dignified, because it is more important. As the President of the United States of America John F. Kennedy said "... do not ask what the nation can do for you, but ask what you can do for the nation..." This should be the spirit that will guide the Cabindans in this year of 2014 because it is imperative to understand that no foreigner will come to liberate Cabinda, even if they want , without the support of Cabindans.


The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda believes that Cabinda, from  Miconje to  Yema and  from Massabi to Zenze of Lukula, is not owned by anyone or a group of associated to be mortgaged by intestinal fights; because it belongs to all Cabindans including their descendants to come.


We are living the moment of sacrifices for the dignity of Cabindan Man and not for seeking personal benefits. Do not put the plough before the bullocks because it will be unable to move anywhere. Let us remember the suffering inflicted to our people and those who gave their lives for these people - our martyrs, and all those who live standing but do not live because became hunting of the repressive forces of the MPLA regime and others denied to live in their land - Cabinda, because they bother the occupational and neo-colonial regime of MPLA.


Long live to the People of Cabinda - United Homeland will win.




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